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Dry Head Massage

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What is Dry Head Massage?

Dry head massage is a “safe and effective” head massage that “provides healing effects to the brain without using water or oil”.
The major objective of dry head massage (a type of relaxation method) is to improve brain fatigue by inducing a meditation like state with the treatment, and to bring out the potential capability that humans have.


What is the method of Dry Head Massage?

It promotes blood circulation without damaging the tissues on the head. The procedure of Dry Head Massage includes: to capture the scalp on the head; to lift up the skin and apply pressure on the skull simultaneously in a way such that it does not compress the nerve or cause pain; to promote blood circulation in the cells by changing directions of pressure, and; to lead the brain to a deep sleep. Also, we massage tense muscles as necessary, and approach blood vessels and lymphatic vessels to help the body excrete the toxin accumulated between the tissues. .

What is “brain fatigue”?

Brain fatigue is phrase created in Japan. By nature, “logical brain” and “instinctive brain” in the cerebrum work together maintaining the balance. However, in daily life of people in the modern era, the instinctive brain is controlled by the logical brain most of the time. As a result, the cerebrum cannot find the appropriate balance between the two. When the cerebrum cannot keep the balance, the program of brain stem starts to fail and the brain stem will not be able to provide appropriate orders to the body. If this state continues, many parts of the body will be in a bad condition. Such state of the brain is called “brain fatigue“.

What are the symptoms of brain fatigue?

・Get irritated without any reason
・Get anxious without any reason
・Have no motivation
・Cannot form a clear thought
・Continue to be tired without any reason
・Cannot sleep
・Wake up during the night or early in the morning
・Cannot enjoy the food
・Cannot satisfy unless the food is salty

Brain fatigue and related diseases

・Bad conditions in various ways (chronic fatigue syndrome)
・Autonomic dystonia
・Metabolic syndrome
・Life style related diseases








Collective data from sleep survey

Researched by Stellate Pte Ltd

Release You from Brain Fatigue

Relations between Dry Head Massage and brain fatigue

Dry Head Massage aims to release you from brain fatigue by preparing the brain to fight against stress. One of the main causes of this stress is that we have access to too much information in our daily life, and everyone is aware of this fact.

For this massage, an important thing is that the body and mind feel comfortable. It’s aim is not to massage applying strong pressure and stimulation using force. If you give too much stimulation, the cerebrum will be even more activated. The aim of Dry Head Massage, a new method to improve brain fatigue, is to send the brain stems an image of relaxed body being released from stress, and for your own body to receive such relax signal back as a feedback from the brain.

Effects of Dry Head Massage

・Calm your mind, give you a peaceful mind set, and help you become more positive

・ Release from anxiety, fatigue, mild depression

・Alleviate muscle pain and stiffness on scalp, face, and neck

・Help you sleep peacefully and comfortably

・Alleviate asthenia, tension headache, and stuffed nose

・Help you become more creative, have clear thoughts, and be able to concentrate

・Help you breathe deep

・Strengthen your immune system

・Keep your skin in a better condition and keep the color of your skin better

・Make your hair healthy and strong












Sleep deprivation is when the body is lack of rest which eventually can bring danger to an individual. Every human is advised to clock in at least 7 hours of sleep, to let the body to rest and be rejuvenated before the next following day. Unfortunately, there is no surprise to which a person is unable to clock the recommended hours of sleep. There are many causes of Sleep Deprivation. Some causes of sleep deprivation are such as: long working hours, daily stress associated with work and even lifestyles. Sleep deprivation can also leads to underlying medical conditions such as those of common ones : Chronic Insomnia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea




  • 30 MINUTES  —   S$38
  • 50 MINUTES  —   S$58

10 minutes – S$15
20 minutes – S$20



  • 3 SESSION  —  (30 min) S$108, (50 min) S$168
  • 6 SESSION  —  (30 min) S$208, (50 min) S$328
  • 9 SESSION  —  (30 min) S$298, (50 min) S$468

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Message from General Manager


グランドマスタ―テラピスト/ General Manager 晴山 彩希子


Being in the service industry for a number of years enabled me to grow my network and meet different individuals. Among them are those who are having issues with sleep, which I think is critical. I understand this because I face the same especially when I have to cope with daily stress, I have too many thoughts or worries, which cause me to have less sleeping hours and restless nights. The following day, I feel exhausted and unproductive.

I came to realize that there is a close relationship between sleep and health, and I began to think that good, deep sleep would make life better. I also think that setting aside a personal time to really rest and refresh the mind and body is a luxury nowadays, but it is both important and necessary for our health and well-being. This is the main reason why I am encouraging individuals to change their habits to achieve a good quality sleep, regardless if it’s only 30 minutes.

Through Moomin Dry Head Massage, I have innovated my own exploration and experience apart from what I learned in the “Goku no kimochi”in Japan. I hope that Moomin will be known to be a healing space for today’s working adults.

Grand master therapist/General Manager Sakiko Hareyama

Comment from Our Advisor

江口医師からのコメント (Moomin アドバイザー)



Comment from Dr Eguchi (Moomin Advisor)

Moomin has many healthcare customers as well.

The technology which we can offer is through word of mouth and the recommendations and trust we are gaining from many customers.

Modern people are living stressful times. It is becoming increasingly important to successfully eliminate stress for contemporary people, whom are dealing with stress from work, tired at home and childcare, and being busy every day.

Moreover, it is also a reality that many people are in chronic a brain fatigue state.

Adverse effects due to chronic brain fatigue exert a negative influence in our lives and imbue the balance between the mind and body more than you imagined.

If the brain continues to function normally, the mental balance may collapse, thus insomnia, depression may occur due to a mental disorder, etc. which is caused by various symptoms and pathology.

The important thing is to heal the brain regularly, to restore the original normal function by relaxing; keeping the natural healing power, spiritual health condition and leading to a better day life.

Dry head massage brings healing to the brain, which may lead you to sleep comfortably. It will make you feel happier, and regain health with both body and mind by relaxing.

‘I feel stress. My head feels heavy. I do not want to refresh.’
For those who like it, dry head spa is recommended for modern people who are busy with work and lifestyle.

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The effect of treatment varies,depending on individual differences.