What is Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage?

Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage is a safe and effective head massage that provides healing & restorative effects to the brain without using water or oil.

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The main goal of Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage is to reduce brain fatigue by generating a meditation-like state throughout the therapy, as well as to maximize human potential. It’s our natural solution to insomnia, tension headaches, migraines & stress! It improves blood circulation without causing damage to the head’s tissues.

The Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage process entails relaxing the scalp and the head, lifting the skin and applying pressure to the skull simultaneously in a way that does not compress the nerve or produce pain, shifting pressure directions to increase blood circulation in the cells, and leading the brain to sleep deeply. We also massage stiff muscles as needed and massage blood and lymphatic vessels to assist the body in excreting the toxin that has accumulated between the tissues.

Why You Need Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage

44% of Singaporeans are Sleep Deprived!

Research shows that 44% of all Singaporeans are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation as a result of long working hours, stress or lifestyle choices comes with an increased risk of dementia, depression and other medical problems such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chronic Insomnia. It does not only affect you physically but also causes quicker burnout, brain fatigue and poor decision making.

Moomin’s Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage is suitable for everyone from children aged 12 years and above. Relax, rebalance yourself, and treat your body to a rejuvenating head massage today. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to reducing stress, strengthening your immune system, keeping you mentally stable, and improving your concentration. We live in a stressful modern society, so to keep up the good work, let’s not compromise on quality sleep!

Collective Data From Sleep Survey

Getting a better night’s sleep has numerous advantages, including stress reduction, immune system strengthening, mental stability, and improved concentration. We live in a stressful modern society, hence getting a decent night’s sleep is even more crucial.

2 in 5 Singaporeans 

are not getting enough sleep every night

2 singaporeans not sleeping properly chart

Only 1 in 4 Singaporeans

sleep through the night

only 1 in 4 singaporean sleep through the night

Stress Level in Singaporeans

Energy Level in Singaporeans

energy level in singaporeans

Benefits of Moomin Dry Head Massage

Calms the mind, help you think positively.

Releases anxiety, fatigue and depressive feelings.

Alleviates muscle pains and stiffness of the scalp, face & neck.

Allows for quality sleep at night.

Alleviates asthenia, tension headaches and stuffy nose.

Strengthens hair from the roots and keep it healthy.

Alleviates asthenia, tension headaches and stuffy nose.

Helps deepen breathing patterns.

Increases creativity, clearer thoughts & higher concentration ability.

Strengthens the immune system. 

Improve skin tone and quality.

Strengthens hair from the roots and keep it healthy.


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