Doctor's Message

Doctor Eguchi

Moomin Advisor

Moomin receives many customers concerned with various brain fatigue conditions and its related diseases. The benefits we offer are spread through word of mouth and recommendations from the many customers who trust our services.

As modern people, we are living in stressful times. It is becoming increasingly important to successfully eliminate stressors, deal with the stress that accumulates at work, relieve tiredness caused by housework and childcare, and slow down from all our bustling about. It is already a reality that many people suffer from states of chronic brain fatigue.

The adverse effects of chronic brain fatigue exert a monumental negative influence over our lives and teeter the balance between the mind and body more than you think. Even if the brain continues to function normally, your mental balance is fragile and may collapse with a little trigger, resulting in insomnia, depression or other mental disorders that affect your pathology and psychological state.

Thus, it is important to heal your brain regularly and restore it to its original state of function by relaxing and slowing down in order to keep your brain’s natural healing power and spiritual health in its best condition. This will then lead to a more balanced mental state.

Dry head massage brings healing to the brain, which lead you to sleep comfortably and deeply at night. It will make you feel happier, and help your body and mind to heal and restore itself to its optimal state.

“I’m stressed. My head feels heavy. I don’t have time to take a break.”

If you relate to any of these sentences, I highly recommend Moomin Deep Sleep Dry Head Massage to relax your body and mind and improve your overall brain health.