What is Tension Relief Wellness?

Tension Relief Wellness is Moomin’s latest massage technique that aims at relieving headaches, eye and neck strains, boost skin elasticity and improving sleep. 

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The main goal of Tension Relief Wellness is to reduce strains and discomfort as a result of day-to-day work.

It’s our latest massage techniques created to combat insomnia, anxiety, tension headaches, chronic eye and neck strain, muscle soreness! It also strengthens immune system and making sure you leave our outlet a happier self! 

The Tension Relief Wellness Massage process entails relaxing the scalp and the head, lifting the skin and applying pressure to the skull simultaneously in a way that does not compress the nerve or produce pain, shifting pressure directions to increase blood circulation in the cells, and leading the brain to sleep deeply. We also massage eye and neck areas to assist the body in excreting the toxin and tension that has accumulated between the tissues.

Why You Need Tension Relief Wellness?

Among adults, 20 to 70% will experience chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Long hours of computer work or other desk-based activities can cause muscle tension, especially in the eyes, head, and shoulders. This tension can lead to headaches, eye strain, and shoulder pain, which can be very uncomfortable and can affect productivity and quality of life.

Moomin’s Tension Relief Wellness Massage is suitable for everyone suffering from tension headaches, neck, eye strains and anxiety. 

Recuperate and improve your sleep quality, strengthening your immune system and improve your mood. 


Benefits of Tension Relief Wellness Massage

Relieves Headaches & Eye Strain

Relieves Eye Dryness and Itchiness

Relieve Sore Eye Muscles

Supports Eye Health

Reduces Puffy eyes and Dark Circles

Strengthens hair from the roots and keep it healthy.

Alleviates asthenia, tension headaches and stuffy nose.

Boosts skin elasticity

Relieves Tension and Anxiety Relief

Improves your sleep & Strengthen Immune System

Relieves Muscles Soreness

Reduce Migraines and Eye Strain

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